Special Session for Young People

Many times the greatest disappointment we have is not the questions we have but the answers we did not get, and it is for lack of this answers that we sometimes find ourselves in the deep and often questioning how we got this far. We only wanted it for a moment and then it has lasted as a lifetime until it became the way we chose to identify ourselves or try to escape from ourselves and reality itself. I know what it means to be addicted, especially to the wrong stuff, and I can tell when Sex is not the tool to make us feel better or a way to build strong relationships but instead it has become the opposite.

Do you want to talk and learn about Sex and Addiction and to be guided in the way of the lord and his purpose for your life? Then you should not miss the Special Young Peoples’ session of the Hope Alive conference where we will learn God’s principle and purpose for SEX and the issue of Addiction. Don't Miss It!

Intercession for Special Intervention

When Jesus met a sick man who has been by the pool side for 38years waiting for his moment of healing without any chance, Jesus asked him "Do you want to be made well?". The most difficult thing for this sick man was not about his understanding of the question because that was all he wanted and waited for this many years, but the greatest challenge was if he could respond correctly and if he could recognise the man and the moment God has chosen for his healing.

Indeed, it was not his plan for the day but it was the purpose of God, and it may not have been His expectation but it became his experience. I believe and expect that this Special Intercession for Special Intervention will be that cairos moment that stands out in your life where your past, present, and future will be redefined by the tangible manifestations of the Glory of God. Don't miss it!

Special Session for Young Couples

Every great marriage always begins on a solid foundation, but the success of any marriage will largely depend on the continuous application and adaptation of accurate knowledge. Since marriage can be regarded as a building, then it is appropriate to state that every marriage is a reflection of the quality of the builders and the quality of materials used.

However, the plan, purpose, and provision of God for every marriage is revealed in the manifestations of His glory. Marriage can be understood; Marriage can be enjoyed and not endured; and Marriage can be empowered to fulfill her purpose. Therefore, we hope to use this session to facilitate the manifestation of the Glory of God in our marriage. Don't Miss It!

Hope Alive Conference

Hope Alive Conference is a mandate of the Spirit of God for the manifestations of the power and the glory of God. Each session during this annual conference focuses on different groups of people and to minister specifically to the physical and spiritual needs of each participant through the demonstrations of the power of God and the gifts of the Holy spirit.

This conference also includes a special session focused on strengthening the family life. It is an annual gathering of people from divers nations for the supply of strength and support of visions.

Summer Bible Class

Summer Bible Class is an annual platform chosen by God to raise, equip and strengthen disciples for Christ and for the kingdom service.

This class runs through 4 - 6 weeks of intensive bible study, structured to strike clear and critical biblical balance.

Global Bible Class

Global Bible Class is a monthly platform ordained by God to equip the the body of Christ, and to strengthen the church to continue to manifest the new creation realities in Christ. This platform helps every participants to gain a deeper understanding of the word of God through selected and relevant focus for each teaching session.

The teachings during the global bible class are done live and direct and is regularly attended by people of different nation, country and continents where we all fellowship together as a body under God and receive the refreshing that the Spirit of God brings to us regularly. A one-time free registration is required to continue to attend the class online or at designated locations.

Equipping the saints, strengthening the church

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