January 7, 2021


Righteousness is a topic widely discussed in many quarters, but this divine concept has not been thoroughly understood, either in the sense of not possessing the working knowledge or finding it hard to believe or accept adequate its promised benefits.

While some have gone into extreme dogma on the issue of righteousness, it is clear what the bible says about Gods intent. However, righteousness as a mystery it may seem, it is the will of God to reveal this to every member of His kingdom.

December 24, 2020


The body of Christin literal meaning is another word for Christians, which in reality means to be born into the family of God by the Holy Spirit, through a spiritual process. The body of Christ is made up of several members (parts) with unique and significant functions that performs at its best when it joins with others (the Church). However the church is the coming together of every member of the body of Christ and no one is a member of the body as a result of association, participation, interest or donation but everyone in the body must be born into the body and this is the only starting point for any meaningful or lasting kingdom service else the service receives no eternal value with God. Everyone born into the family of God by the spirit of God share the same spiritual DNA with God and virtues that sustain the body and helps it carry out its function, responsibility, and assignment both effectively and efficiently.
December 24, 2020

The Five Star Youth – Be An Example In Conduct – 1 Timothy 4 verse 12

The world today operates within a system that deliberately rejects the involvement of God in the process of its formation and has taken a position on critical matters such as Ethics, Morals and value that completely violates the standards and purpose of God for creating man.

we must first be settled in our hearts that life is a deliberate design of God and a product of a divine intention, therefore it is untrue but conventional to describe an alternative way to the existence, history and formation of life.

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